Early Childhood Education: A Guide

Defining Early Childhood Education What is early childhood education? It’s basically the education children are subjected to from the moment they are born until they are 8 years of age. This definition is according to the National Association for the Education of Young Children. This phase of life is when a child’s cognitive, emotional, and … Continue reading

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Provide Safety at Home and in School

With all the reports and articles we see on the news and on social media, we cannot help but think how the world has changed and how it can be a scary time for our children to grow up in. As parents, we would always want to do everything we possibly can to keep them … Continue reading

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Steps to Aid Proper Childhood Brain Development

Children ages 0 – 5 years old go through faster brain development than at any stage in their lives. This stage where they rapidly absorb information is also the stage that creates the lasting impact on how they learn a new skill and how well they can apply their experiences, so they can succeed in … Continue reading

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How to Stay Safe from the Top 4 Home Hazards

With your children’s innate curiosity, they can be at risk of injuries or accidents that you don’t want to happen. It’s best to observe safety measures at home, especially if your kids are below five years old. Did you know that there are four things at home that are hazardous for your kids? As a … Continue reading

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10 Tips: How to Get Your Kids to Exercise

Your kids are naturally active. But did you know that you can use their natural rambunctiousness to engage them in physical exercise? As one of the premier child day care centers in the state, we give you all our support in every endeavor to bring out your child’s best. Here are tips you can follow … Continue reading

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